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To Michelle,
I noticed that you reference a Hugh Bridson that drowned at sea in another post about the coat of arms.

I am researching the family tree of Brydson's that mainly are in the Buitle Parish area of Kirkcudbright, Scotland and seems to run into a wall with John Brydson b. abt 1711. It appears no other records prior to this can be found, but I find a reference to another John about 1590. Nothing in between.

Can you tell me if there is a record of any Brid(e)son's moving from the Isle of Man to this area of Scotland.

I have scanned the pages on this website and will review them in depth of the coming days, but It appears that you have some in-depth knowlegde of this family tree and want to make sure that I am not wasting my time or heading down the wrong path.

I believe thare is some connection, somewhere; but because of the great variations on the name spellings of the family, it is not obvious at this time. I have heard rumors that the origins of the name relate to the Isle of Man, but, again i can't prove those connections yet.

Thaks for your help with this matter.