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Genealogy of the "MacIsaac" Family

All of the information given herein is from the Archives of Scotland in the early 14th Century.

A Letter from Hugh McDonald, Oban

The McIsaacs

The MacIsaac's are found recorded in the old charters relating to Lorne and Mid Argyle. Sir Thomas MacIsaac of Largie (The district immediately south of Lorne) married Matilda a daughter of King Robert the Bruce, there were 7 Malcolm MacIsaacs' from that ink in succession, with the result that the surname ultimately adopted became McCallum, now the Malcolms of Pallottuct.

1418 Gilbert MacIsaac was one of the 26 Kings of the Isle of Mann.

1422 Hawly MacIsaac was arraigned for leading the insurrection against the Earl of Derby in Mann.

1511 The MacIsaac family still retain a considerable tract of territory in the Isle of Mann.

The surname is supposed to have originated from Saint Kissock, one of the Saint Columbia Saints.

In their early history, one of the name founded the heredity hundred years of the McDonalds of Clan Ranald. It was this latter branch that became numerous throughout the Clan Ranald territory. They are still fairly numerous in Arisaig, Moidart and the Isles. I believe the Nova Scotia McIsaacs, emigrants would be from these. They had no Tartan of their own, but would be entitled to wear Clan Ranald Tartan.

The Prince Edward Island, MacIsaac's, as immigrants, would be from these record.
The MacIsaac's have no tartan of their own, but would be entitled to wear the Clan Ranald tartan.

( The above letter was copied by Arthur MacIsaac, the penman in the late 1940's, in his fancy handwriting, I do not have a copy of it but 2 cousins did in the 60's.)
by John A. MacIsaac

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