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Re: John Bridson and Catherine Taggart

Sorry Brian for the confusion.

I am not asking for the same info/help. It would seem that my earlier conclusions were wrong, I'm really not too good at all this yet and still on the nursery slopes. I often jump to conclusions through lack of understanding and too much excitement when I think I've found a connection. Sometimes I get it right, this time it would appear I didn't. Micheal Bridson found evidence in his paperwork that would indicate John Bridson, son of William and Ann nee Cosnahan married another woman and left the Island, died at Sea and was buried at Sea. His wife was buried later at St Georges.

Therefore I am back to trying to find out who the John Bridson who married Catherine Taggart was. I still have no proof that they are the parents to my William Bridson bn 1810 but there is a lot of evidence to suggest that they are worthwhile investigating as I can find no other indications of John's parents and I've sent hours on Brian's site and Frances' site's, ( they are great).

I thought, since there were many John Bridson's in the Malew area at that time that trying to locate and trace Catherine's family would be more beneficial, it has paid off several times before with other family lines. Using the wife's angle for a lead.

If you can help with the identifying of Catherine Taggart who married a John Bridson 28 Feb 1807 at Kirk St Anne; that would be wonderful.

I think she might be the daughter of Mattias Taggart and Isabel nee Leece, again no proof......

If you have any other suggestions that would help me to do a better job that would also be appreciated. I realize I need to be less of a nuisance I guess and get my facts right first before asking for folk to do lots of work on my behalf.

I am truely sorry.

Kind regards


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