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I think I have another family line traced back 5 generations if anyone can put holes in it or confirm, that would be great as I am doing all of this from Canada over the internet which is interesting!!!

William Quayle
bn Kirk Michael
Married 14th Jan 1783
Catherine Mylrea
bn kirk Michael ( G G G G grandparents)

1) John Quayle ch 18/07/184 died 25/06/1796
2) William Quayle ch 27/08/1786
3) Elizabeth Quayle ch 08/03/1789
4) Charles Quayle ch 26/06/1791
5) Margaret Quayle ch 14/07/1793
6) Thomas Quayle ch 03/05/1795
7) John Quayle ch 03/07/1798
8) Catherine Quayle ch 14/08/1803
MARRIED on 01/01/1834 at Kirk St Anne Santon,
Mr. William Bridson (G G G grandparents)
9) Robert Quayle ch 10/05/1801 died 18/06/1872

Catherine and William's children were:
1) Robert Bridson ch 26/02/1836
2) Margaret Bridson ch 16/12/1841
3) William Bridson ch 07/10/1838 (G G Grandfather)
MARRIED Ellen Marshall at Braddan, July 5th 1863

William and Ellen Bridson's children were:

1) James Bridson bn 1866 ( G grandfather)
MARRIED Frances M Gordon bn 1869
2) Thomas William Bridson bn 1863
3) Robert Bridson bn 1865
4) Elleanor Bridson bn 1868
5) John Marshall Bridson bn 1871

James and Frances Children were:

1) Frederick William Bridson bn 1895
2) John Marshall Bridson bn 1897
3) Ellen Marshall Bridson bn 1898
4) Robert Bridson bn 1898
5) Frances May Bridson bn 1906
6) Marshall Douglas Bridson bn 03/02/1907
MARRIED Clare Alice Kelly 26/07/26
Died 15/09/1968 (Grandfather)

If anyone can confirm or rule out any of these lines I would be grateful. I am currently doing several family lines and this would be nice to file and fill in complete dates later as long as names are correct.

Kind regards

Sue Smith
BC Canada