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Re posting of info on Caesar Kelly

I Posted this originally in April and I am hoping to find someone out there who knows this family

I found the obituary of Caesar Kelly a couple of days ago and got very excited. He was one of thirteen children of William and Ann Kelly nee Quane of Patrick. In the mid 1800's they lived in Scra Volley on the Ballacraine-Hope road, ( It still stands today and has changed little) Any way, Caesar was the next born after my great great grandpa Stephen Kelly and I have been trying to find out about the thirteen siblings for a long time, now I think I have a line on Caesar and was wondering if anyone out there is a descendent and hence a distant relative, here goes
Caesar Kelly Ch 7th November 1830
Married Mary Ann Bawden in Patrick 24th January 1856 ( She was the daughter of Captain W Bawden belonging to the minning operation there)
They had Four children
Selina Emily Kelly Christened 10 April 1857
She married Charles Camaish 26th Oct 1876 ( they spearated before 1881 as she was back with her father by then) , she had two children I only know the oldest's name Selina M camish bn around 1879 . Later the two children moved to the USA to be with their father.
Sidney Bawden Kelly Former master of Cronk-a-Voddy School, he died 1903
leaving Thomas Caesar Kelly ( Who after marrying and having a boy Thomas Herbert Kelly, died in action in France with New Zealand Rifle Brigade OCt 1918, his medals apparently are in the British Legion Janet's Corner)
and Herbert S B kelly ( Who died from exposure to mustard gas in the final German offensive 1918. He was with the Royal field Artillery camped in a French farm house, He is buried at Malew)

and Misses Minnie, May and Edith Kelly, Sidney Kelly's daughters

Caesar's other two son's:
Herbert Caesara Kelly Ch 4th Jan 1865 in Patrick
Frederick Moriom Kelly Ch 22nd Sept 1867 (Both these boys moved to the USA but I don't know when or where.)

There was one other child of Caesar' and Mary Ann's Miriam H Kelly born around 1871 but there are no other mentions of here so we presume she died young.

Caesar Kelly Died April 8th 1910 aged 79yrs at the time of his death his residence was 2 Mineral Terrace, Foxdale though he died at his Neice's house in Douglas, Mrs. A E Rothwell formerally Miss Amy J Kennaugh of Foxdale. He was buried April 11th and interned at Kirk Marown where his wife was buried having died at age 36yrs (1872)
I am sorry for the length of this but I figure the more info I give the more chance I will have of finding family, be it distant, kin is kin......

Email me if you know this family please

Thanks, and kind regards

Sue Smith formerly of Foxdale IOM now residing in BC, Canada