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Hello from New Zealand,
I hope you will be able to assist me verify names which I believe are my descendants. I've been able to trace my GGG Grandparents and need confirmation they had a firstborn son named James Gilmour (my GG Grandfather) who was christened at Kirk German on 11 November 1832.

I'm interested to know if my GGG Grandparents appear in the 1851 census of Malew. I'll provide as much details as possible

Records I've found so far indicate that my GGG grandparents names were James Gilmour (or Gilmer,Gillmer - variant) and Anne Gilmour (nee Waterson or Watterson) were married on 20 May 1832 at Malew. Their first born child James was born 7 months later. I need to confirm that James (junior) appears in the either the 1851 or earlier census information with other siblings of the same parents names James Gilmour) / Ann or Anne Gilmour (nee Waterson or Watterson)

Although James junior was christened at Kirk German it appears the family returned to Malew and had five more children, the second child being born six years later. Full details are as follows :

Name DOB Birthplace Age at 1851 Census
James 1811 Malew 40
Anne 31 Dec 1815 Malew 36
James 11 Nov. 1832 German 19
Eliz. 20 May 1838 Malew 13
John 27 Sept 1840 Malew 11
Marg. 18 Dec 1843 Malew 8
AnneJane22 Feb 1845 Malew 6
William 14 Oct 1847 Malew 4

Further investigation reveals that my GGGG Grandfather was also named James Gilmour. His wife mainden name was Margaret Curry. Margarets birth date is 14/03/1779. This means she would have been approximately 19 years old when my GGG Grandfather was born.

My GGG Grandmother was born 31 Dec 1815 and her parents were Henry Watterson and Elizabeth Fell. All these details were obtained from the Malew records - Births & Marriages.

Theres also a James Gillmer which appears in the 1881 census as a widower. The census address was Labourers Cottage 9 Ronalds Way, Malew, Isle of Man. His age was in 1881 was 70. Which would mean he was born 1811 and married when he was 21 years old in 1832,looks feasible.

Thanking you in anticipation

Kind Regards

Frank Millar

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