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Janet! - Ballaskella, Sulby, Isle of Man

Hi Janet - I am concerned that you may not have received my email, as you are so good to reply. Here is a repeat of the infor, plus some more. Hope it is of use:


Highlight copy and paste that lot and it should give you where I think Ballaskella is. I looked at the large scale maps at the museum today, and Ballaskella is in the Sulby Glen, the opposite side of the river to Tholt y Will Plantation, going up the sharp incline. As you look at the above map it is on the right, unmarked, and is downside of Block Eary Dam and upside of tholt y will hotel. I hope that makes some sort of sense.

Now for the 1901 census. You were looking at Enumeration District 3, and Ballaskella is in Enumeration District 1, preceded in the book by No. 29 (No of schedule) School Masters House (Your school masters house was scd 20) No. 30 is Ballaskella and No. 31 is the Tholtywill hotel.

1 house inhabited.

Thomas Cowell, Head, married, age 52, Farm Servant, worker, at home, Born Lezayre, speaks both Manx and English,

Ellen Cowell, wife, married, age 590, born Kirk Michael. She and the following speak English.

Caeser C Cowell, son, single, age 19 farm servant worker at home born Lezayre,
Lizze Cowell daughter single age 16 born Lezayre

Could not read this girls name, albeit the enumerators writing is very neat, M..sh?y E Cowell daughter single age 8 born Lezayre
Maria Cowell daughter single age 6 born Lezayre.

Hope this helps.



4 Kerrowdhoo, Isle of Man: fieldwork and excavations, 1992-1994
P J Davey, D A Higgins, N C Johnson, S Mc Cartan and J Woodcock
This report presents the results of the preliminary field survey, desk-top study and field-walking programme at Kerrowdhoo. It includes accounts of the excavation of four burnt mounds and prehistoric and medieval settlement evidence in and around Kerrowdhoo Farm itself. There are also chapters dealing with the pottery groups and lithic assemblages. Six appendices detail the results of the initial field inspection, the stratigraphy recorded in an augering exercise, a list of finds from the burnt mound and documentary evidence for the enclosure of the Ayres at Kerrowdhoo.
Research Report 4 (1995); 72pp x A4 Paperback 12.50 ISBN 1-899338-03-9