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With the help of Donna Douglas I was given this entry for the 1841 census.
Robert Chapman aged 62
Elizabeth aged 51
Roseanna aged 15
Elizabeth aged 13
John aged 10
Benjamin aged 8

Using the IGI Ifound the marriage of Robert and Elizabeth as 19.12.1811.
Also from the IGI I found amother son - John - ch. 1812.
There appears a big gap form J ohn to Roseanna. Can anybody help me to see if there are any other children?

Elizabeths parents were Robert Holmes (ch 9.11.1746) and Margery Costean (ch 3.10.1751. She was christened on 25.7.1790. Other children of the marriage which was at Malew on 16.1.1774 were
Robert ch 24.3.1776
Anne ch 2.3.1774
John ch 13.9.1778
Margaret ch 14.11.1784
William ch 18.11.1887
Thomas ch 30.12.1781

Roberts Parents I believe were Robert Holmes (ch 17.1.1707) and Margery Qualtrough (ch 16.7.1712) both at Malew.

Elizabeths parenys I believe were John Costean and Joney Duckan (ch 17.8.1712) with the marriage taking place at Malew on 10.2.1740.

I can go back 3 more generations with Joney Her mother was Joney Clark and father was William Duckan.

Joney Clark mother was Christian Quaile b 1652 and her father was Thomas Clark b 1650 and married 1674

Christian Quaile mother was Ann Taggart b 1622 and her father was William Quaile b 1618 and married 1643

Can anybody relate to any of these families?
I would also like to know of Robert Chapmans parentage.
All these people come from the Malew area.
Eric Price