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Kelly's from Douglas

Does anyone recognise the follwing family? I know that there are decendents on the IOM and therefore cousins of mine who might be able to solve my puzzle>

James Kelly from the IOM born to Stephen and Mary Kelly in 1866 married Mary Frances Egan at the Wirral Civil registry in 1889.

They had the following children:
Mary Violet ( Known by Vi) bn 1889
William Stephen, (known by Stephen) bn 1892 Had a couple of children, one was Winnifred
Agnes Eileen (Known by Eileen) bn 1895 Married Charles Quayle
Mary Margaret (known by Mag) bn 1896 married Charles Flack
James bn 1898
Monica Elsie bn 1899 Married John Clucas
Norah bn 1900 Married twice 1) Mr. Maddrell 2) Walter Griven
Clara bn 1908 married Marshall Bridson

All children were born, as far as I can tell in the Birkenhead area before the family moved back to the4 IOM at the beginning of the 1900's after Norah's birthday.

Is anyone going down to the Museum and could see if this family was on the Island for the 1901 census and if so does it say where Mary Frances' place of birth was as we are stuck trying to find out where in Ireland the Egan family came from. I am workikng with a cousin in the UK whon is also from this line and we can't get any further as we can't find out where the Egan's came from.

I know it is a lot to ask but I live in BC. Canada and will not be getting back to the Island for at least a year I would imagine depending upon family health back home.

Thanks in advance

Kind regards