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I am confused at your comments though. I agree with what you have said about William and Isabella and the addresses are correct but I have different names for the children.

You have Catherine (6), John James (5), Mary (3) and William (7) who were living in 1881.

From my research I only have William who was less than a year old in 1881, this is backed up by the 1901 census which has William, Isabella and William plus Isabella, Fred and Thomas (all born after 1881). I have the birth and death certificates for Fred, which my grandfather obtained in 1967.

Do the 1881 and 1901 census' show Catherine, John James, Mary and William to be living with William and Isabella.

I would be really interested to hear your thoughts, so that I can make amendments if I am wrong.

I have a web site where you can find the information I have researched so far:

www.itsadogslife.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk (soon to be re-named www.mikeorton.co.uk)

Do you mind me asking why you where looking for Cowin's??? If you look at my website
and want any of the information etc please let me know and I can send you a CD with it on.



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