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Callister Peel 1891 lookup request

I am looking for help with a lookup in the 1891 census for Peel. In the 1881 census I have four sister living together as follows:

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
Elizabeth CALLISTER Head U Female 54 Peel, Isle of Man, England Grocer (Employs 1 Man & 1 Boy)
Ann CALLISTER Sister U Female 52 Peel, Isle of Man, England (Grocer) Shop woman
Esther CALLISTER Sister U Female 50 Peel, Isle of Man, England (Grocer) Shop woman
Susana CALLISTER Sister U Female 40 Peel, Isle of Man, England (Grocer) Shop woman
John GORRY Boarder U Male 45 Peel, Isle of Man, England Retired Pensioner
Lewis KANNAUGH Serv U Male 16 Peel, Isle of Man, England Apprentice Baker
Elizabeth COSNAHAN Serv U Female 21 Patrick, Isle of Man, England General Servant

Source Information:
Dwelling No 19 Lower Market St Bakers Shop
Census Place German - Peel, Isle of Man, Isle of Man
Family History Library Film 1342344
Public Records Office Reference RG11
Piece / Folio 5597 / 82
Page Number 29

I know their parents to be David and Ann (Halsell) Callister my ggg grandparents

Elizabeth died in 1884 shortly to be followed by her sister Esther in 1886.
Peel cemetery sect 1 1218
I would like to know if the other two sisters remained together until their
deaths Ann in 1893 and Susannah in 1915. Peel cemetery sect 2 669.