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I replied to your email but it bounced back.
Quirk Family

1841 Census Index
Onchan 4 5 20 adult ages were rounded in 1841
Mary 25
Thomas 25
Mary 1

1851 Census Onchan
Surname Residence Status Age Occup Where Born
QUIRK;Thomas;Bibaloe Beg;Head;Married;41;Labourer;Braddan
QUIRK;Mary;Bibaloe Beg;Wife;Married;39;;Lonan
QUIRK;Mary;Bibaloe Beg;Daughter;;12;;Onchan
QUIRK;Ann;Bibaloe Beg;Daughter;;9;;Onchan
QUIRK;Elizabeth;Bibaloe Beg;Daughter;;7;;Onchan
QUIRK;Margaret;Bibaloe Beg;Daughter;;2;;Onchan

You have the wrong marriage date--it is 21 Oct 1838 Onchan

1861 Census Index
Onchan 2 73
Mary 48 b Onchan
Thomas 50 b Onchan
Thomas 9 b Onchan
Margaret 13 b Onchan

1871 Census Index
Thomas 19 b Onchan is living in Peel
Rest of the above aren't in census as far as I can tell.
Parents perhaps moved off the island or died?

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