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Relatives of Edith Kelly

I have no connection with the Kelly name, and can claim none with the Isle of Man.

I have in my possession a scrapbook which at some time was kept by Edith Kelly.
There are some old photographs in the book, and some other odds and s-ds which would be of interest to any surviving relatives of Edith.

I have been scouring the web for some time to try to track down anything which may help me to return this book to the family.

The only clues I have to her ancestry are; Her mother, Annette "May" Kelly was born in IOM in 1875. Edith herself was born on 5th Feb 1906 though it is not clear if she was also born in IOM. I have no clue as to Mums maiden name.

The family moved to California USA, Ediths Mother died there in January 1927.

Ediths father may have been named Jack or John.

If you think you can help with ANY information which may help my search, please contact me. Thank you.

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Relatives of Edith Kelly
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