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Re: John Hudson and Robert Cowley, born 1822/1824

Hi Brian, Thanks so much for your reply! I really appreciate your help!!!!!

The information that you gave me corresponds (almost) to the document that we received from The Government of the Isle of Man in 1978 (citing the enumeration books of the 1841 census), except the age for Robert Cowley is 41 and the age for Catherine Cowley is 9 instead of 2. Also, they have Anne spelled as "Annie". Is the 1841 census something I can look up online, or do you have access to the actual book?

Also, in the census, did John and Robert's birthdays correspond with the dates Oct. 11, 1822 and Nov. 20, 1824 respectively? Is this how you found them in the census? If so, then this would be the definitive proof that I'm looking for, since we definitely know the birthdays of John and Robert, but don't have any definitive proof on anyone else in the family on the IOM. (I'm just somewhat confused since there were quite a few Cowleys on the IOM, and they all seemed to name their children the same name. There is even 1 family who had 5 children with these same names and the ages were almost exactly the same). Does this census, by chance, use the name "John Hudson Cowley" for the 18 year old? If so, then I could accept this as definitive proof, since Hudson is such a rare middle name.

Do you know if there is a way to look up John and Ann Hampton's marriage (which took place on Oct. 11, 1851 in Bradden). Or perhaps, a way to look up their first daughter who was born on the IOM (Catherine Hudson Cowley, born May 31, 1852 in Douglas).

Does the Isle of Man track people who were born on the IOM but who died in the U.S. (John died on Dec. 23, 1858 in Dover, Missouri, Ann died on April 3, 1878 in Washington, Missouri and Robert died on March 26/26 in Bonnets Mill, Missouri).

Sorry to ask so many questions, but any information you can help me with would be GREATLY appreciated!

Jane Cowley, jane_cowley@yahoo.com