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John Hudson and Robert Cowley, born 1822/1824

Hi there. I am trying to research my ancestors. We know that 2 brothers, named John Hudson Cowley (born Oct. 11, 1822) and Robert Cowley (born Nov. 20, 1824) left the Isle of Man for Missouri, USA. John married Ann Hampton on Oct. 11, 1851 in Bradden, and they both came to America. When John died, Ann married his brother Robert in Washington, Missouri. I would like to know who John & Robert's father was. One document says that it is Robert Cowley (born Nov. 3, 1799) and Catherine Hodgson - they married on May 21, 1820 in Bradden. I would like definitive proof though, and if it is true, I would be interested in knowing more about Robert's ancestry, which I can trace back to William Cowley (born Aug. 18, 1716) and Mary Cain. Can someone let me know how I might go about doing this? I would greatly appreciate it.