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There has been a number of enquiries about the Callister and Collister name which may connect with your request. Some of your information may be open to debate, for example the name Kiaram is probably Karran, Carran or Corrin.

A Robert Callister married Margaret Karran in 1801 at Braddan. The following children may be all or some of theirs:-

Rob. 1802 (carran)
Margaret 1803 (Karran)
Joney 1806 (Karran)
William 1807 (Charran)
Mary 1809 (Charron)
Cath 1813 (Charran)
Rob 1816 (Karran)
John 1818 (Karran)

In 1839 a Robert Callister married Ann Crellin in K. German and IGI lists the following children:

Philip Collister ch. 1846 Marown
Henry ch. 1842 Marown
John ch. 1844 Marown
Anne Elizabeth Callister ch 1839 K. German

In 1866 John Collister married Ruth Kelly at Braddan and the 1881 census shows:

At Ballig in E. Baldwin with the name again Callister:-

Sarah 12 Marown
William H 10
Robert 9
John 7
Thomas 6
Joseph 4
George 10M

There may have been 2 more children who died young Anne J. and John H, so refer to www. lawsons.ca and calculate dates of death in the Marown area (Mar) for the family.
Much of this differs to your information so take caution.

Len Faragher