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Re: Karran Line/Creer Line
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I was able to access the test site for the 1901 census tonight. I am researching the Karran family from Onchan. This was a large family and my grandmother Edith was the youngest one born in 1896. I am also researching the Creer family My grandfather was Edward Creer who died in WW1 in 1918. According to the 1901 census he had 2 brothers John J Creer, and Herbert Creer plus a sister Maud all older than him. They lived in Onchan too. Are there any living descendents? This is a piece of my life that I cannot get history from because my grandmother remarried. I am desperate to know about the Creer side. In particular are there any family members with autistic spectrum disorders? My two boys are affected and I always felt my own father Robert Edward Creer was also on the spectrum. He is dead now but any information about the Creer or Karran family would be very much appreciated.