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Hello there.....

My name is Christy Renee Quilliam, I am 29 years old and currently live in New Zealand.

I have an unusual situation.... about ten years ago whilst living in Townsville, Australia, my father Roger Darrel Quilliam, starting looking into our family history. He found that our family descends from The Isle of Man, although I'm not sure of the details. I would love to know more of course, I love finding out people's backgrounds and I feel it's important for all of us to know where we come from in the world.

But the main reason I am writting this message is because...... when I was 16, which is around the time my father was researching, he showed me a letter he had recieved from a direct, distant relative, still living on The Isle of Man. This letter was asking whether I would like to be adopted by him, from what I understand this man didn't have any family of his own and therefore that's the reason why he wanted to adopt me. Of course I have always thought about this man and how I would love to find him again, to talk and even visit. (I often travel to Europe and the UK and would love an excuse to visit the Isle of Man). The problem that I have is that neither my father nor myself have any recollection of what this man's name is or how old he is, or even where the letter went to. So you can see my problem..... It almost seems impossible to ever find out who this man could be or even if he is still alive.

If anyone out there has any idea on how to help me, I would greatly appreciate any emails....

Thanks for listening,

Christy Quilliam