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I wasn't doing any serious research here, other than trying to see which Morrisons were involved, as I was attempting to do a database of Manx Morrisons. I picked up the trees from Brew's Pedigrees in the Manx Museum. When I get a chance, a I will look at these pages again. It wasn't too clear, but I think, from memory, Jane was married two, if not three times.

I did come acros further information in the Manchester City Library in the Social History section, and I think it was in the Antiquarian Society annuals. Now, I know that I took a photocopy of the opening page, and my intention was to send this to our Family History Library in Peel. Problem is whether I actually sent it. You see, we are decorating and things at the moment and I cant get to my records!! On top of that, I am a bit short of time to delve into family history which is not my own.

Suggest you get in touch with Manchester library, as you are talking about a big Manchester business family. Possibly Manx Museum could help. The information must be around. Susanne.

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