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Gravestone Inscription - Robert Fargher CAINE

Dear All,
Here are the details from a gravestone thatI photographed whilst on holiday in August 2002. I have to my knowledge no connection to this family, but as I was visiting my families graves to put flowers on them, I decided to take as many various photo's as I could. I will post the details as often as possible.
They are at the Douglas Borough Cemetery opposite the T. T. Grandstand.

In Loving Memory of Robert Fargher CAINE
Born 18th June 1880
Died 3rd Oct 1942
Also Mabel Ada CAINE
Wife of the above
Born 25th October 1878
Died 17th July 1969
Also Mabel Garret CAINE
Daughter of Robert and Mabel
Born 25th June 1913
Died 11th Sept 1967
I hope this helps someone?