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Blair family on IOM

1841 census, Ramsey, dist.3, page 15: John Blair and his wife Eliz. Hantes with their children: Ann, James (5 yrs. old), Charlotte and John listed. John Blair and family show up next on USA 1850 Census, N.J. But no James.

When John left IOM it would appear that some family members did not go with him to USA. I am seeking to connect with these relatives for more IOM information... parents etc., siblings.

1889- Mrs. Catharine Y.Blair... who was her husband? Brother of John's?

A William Blair shows up on IOM 1894 as a foreman iron founder, the Quay.
Mrs. Catharine Y. Blair has private apartments, St. Hilliers, Brook-hill both in Ramsey. Are these two related?

A James Blair was a schoolmaster at Ramsey National school in 1863. If this is the same James Blair from the 1841 IOM census he is now abt. 22 yrs. old.

Thanking you in advance for any imformation you may have or any connection
of these individuals. Anne