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Kelly's of Ballacraine

My great great great grand fathers oldest son was John Kelly born 1818 in Patrick. His occupation was that of a stone mason in the 1851 census. He was one of 10 children to William and Ann Kelly of Scra Volley, Ballacraine the other children were:
MAry Ann born 1823
James born 1827
Stephen born 1829 ( My great great grandfather)
Caesar born 1830
Evan born 1832
Maria or Mariah born 1834
Thomas born 1837
Janes born 1839
Elizabeth born 1841

PARENTS my great great great grandparents

Ann Kelly nee Quane born 1797
William Kelly born 1793

What I was wondering was, Could John Kelly be the ancester to any of the Kelly family's in Peel who are still in the stone mason business or the Lancaster and Kelly funeral directors? I know, it's a long shot but these long shots have paid off in the past a couple of times!

Please email me if any of these folk may be your ancester as I would love to know what happened to Stephen's siblings, I have got a handle on what happened to him.

Thanks in advance