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Hi to all you wonderful folk!
I need to apologise, I got some wrong information a while back and went off half-cocked. My Teare family are as follows: father... (maybe Robert) Teare, mother..(?). Baird, they lived in Manchester and father was a coachmaker/ livery maker. He may in fact have owned or ran the factory. the children were: Eleanor, Margaret, Anne, Edith, John James, Charles, Bertha (poor kid!) William, Frederick, Minnie, Horace, Ethel and my grandmother Lilian.(probably born 1889 in Salford) Lots of the older siblings became school teachers, and lived near Furnall Heath, Worcestershire. I am just hoping to find a connection of some sort. I presume the father Teare was born in IOM because of the family stories that were passed down, including one which linked us to Fletcher Christian! My dad was not given to exaggeration but I believe this was wishful thinking.
any links or info gratefully received! Also, as I have already mentioned, my ggrandfather Alfred Newnham, born circa 1850's, did apparently end his days at the lifeboat station in Peel, IOM, after a long life at sea. He was rumoured to have run away to sea at 13, during the Crimean war. Please, any comments welcomed! Ty Newnham, South Australia, cold winter day here (17 degrees celcius, not too bad, I spose!)

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