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I am trying to get more info on my Relative John Curphey Born mid 1850s in Liverpool from Manx family Curphey. Mr J Curpheys Father was a scion of of the Curphey family who owned Ballaquale Estate outside Douglas IOM.
He married Mr Robert Gelling Master Mariner eldest daughter 12 children were born to the marriage 9 survived The eldest was Mr Robert Thomas Curphey who bwcame a director in 1909 to 1923 when he died in Birkenhead Cheshire He was a councillor and Alderman in IOM and Birkenhead He died Bikenhead 1923
John Curphey JnrManger Of the IOM banking Company he died before his father
Mr William Francis Curphey He had a buisness in Castle st Douglas as a Iron monger and Plumber Mr Mr George Curphey succede to his Fathers company unfortunately he died 6 years before Mr John Curphey snr Mr Richard Curphey lived in Liverpool as a Flour Trader Mr Charles Curphey lived also in Liverpool as a Manager for a large Insurance company Mr Henry Curphey left IOM after being employed in the IOM as a IOM Tramways Company and went to Liverpool to be employed by Mersey Railway company as a draughtsman
Margaret Curphey married Captain Robert Moughtin of the Albert Hotel Douglas
Miss Annie Curphey kept house for her brother John who was a widower for several years Miss Catherine Curphey lived with her Mother and father
Eleanor Curphey married Mr William Ferguson a chemist Another daughter died a few years before.
I think I am looking for one son born to ???? his name was Malcolm Curphey he was my grt granddad We are not sure if he was Robert Thomas son?
He has to be the son of one of the above men
My grandads name was Robert John Curphey born 1910 in Wallasey Wirral
The family are pretty certain he was Roberts son
My Dad and uncle both who are alive are Robert John born 1926 and John Harold Frank born 1929 We have plenty of men children but a clincher to someone might be my cousin Carole elizabeth was born in 1951 and she was the first female child born to a Curphey male in 70 years??
If anyone can help I would like to know who Mr John Curphey was in relation to the Ballaquayle Estate son ?? if so whos? Also who Malcolm Curphey my grt grandad father was Hope someone can help my Uncle has lived as he says his 3 score and more he is stuck on John Curphey late of IOM he was a trainee bookbinder to Myrelea and Adam duke st Douglas He then became a shop keeper ( a family trait still today) He had a Food wine and spirit merchant in Castle St and Granville st The he built at Well red hill and Castle st built a house and shop he carried on in his buisness for 19 years before passing it on to his son George Curphey he then went in to politics( another still family trait) He went to live in Queens avenue He was an Alderman he specialed in water works in all dept town water etc He had the honour of turning on the water for the new resovoir KERROODHOO He then went on to the Summerhill water which was not fit for consumtion. He was an Alderman in no 6 ward
If anyone can help I would be very happy thank you Suzanne Eleanor Curphey

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