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Iam a desendant of one Thomas Tear Corlett he was my grand father
his son was John James Corlett late of 4 MtRule Cottages Braddon
he died 6th May 1963
He had six children who all now live In australia they are
in order of age June Rosalyn, Dorethy, Mildred Ann,JohnLeslie (deseased)
23August 1998) Terence Micheal ( your author ) and Stuart
I arrived in Australia in 1965 and was then married to one Helen Jean Heyes
I worked at EB Christians as a mechanic.
I was educated at Braddon primary school and Douglass high school
I am now 58 years old and have two children Mathew Adam and Kelly Michelle
I understand from the little reserch I have done that the father of thomas Tear Corlett was one Charles Edward Corlett I also beleive that they came from