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I am sharing my knowledge of my family tree incase there is anyone out there who can benefit from it. If you have a connection and can add to these details please do get in touch with me.

Thanks Karen

Robert CASEMENT married Ann CURPHEY

Their daughter Ellinor CASEMENT b 1762 d 1830 married 1781 to John CORKILL

Ellinor CASEMENT and John CORKILLS children were:
John bap 1784
Robert CORKILL b 1784 d 1875 married Esther LOONEY b 1781 d 1848
Isabella bap 1782
Leonora b 1787
Edward b 1790
Ann b 1793
William b 1796

Robert CORKILL and Esther LOONEYS children were:
Margaret b 1804 d 1888
John b 1806
Isa(o)bel CORKILL b 1808 married John E CALEY
Robin b 1810
William b 1811
Isabella (Isobel) b 1813
Esther b 1815
Robert CORKILL b 1819 d 1889 married 1839 to Catherine QUAYLE b 1820 d 1886
Ann b 1825?
Jane b 1825?
Catherine b 1829?

Robert CORKILL and Catherine QUAYLES children were:
Jane b 1840
Esther b 1842 d 1905
Robert b 1844
Catherine b 1846 d 1900
John CORKILL b 1849 married 1870 to Margaret WATTERSON b 1848
Ann b 1851 d 1921
Elinor b 1854
Edward b 1857 d 1908
Isabella b 1860
Margaret b?

John CORKILL and Margaret WATTERSONS children were:
Harriet M. b 1869
John R. b 1871
Frederic b 1873
William b 1875
Thomas A b 1877
Ann Jane b 1880
Alma Florence CORKILL b 1881 married to Richard James MCLEAVEY b 1873
Mararet Ann b 1884 d 1948

Alma Florence CORKILL and Richard James MCLEAVEY had six children. Alma and Richard were my great grandparents.

There is also a family connection with the names SLOANE and O'BRIAN (or 0'BRIEN) on the island.